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The Great Present

What is this thing called Love?

It’s the heavenly bread and butter,
and all that you can imagine on it,
and all you can’t.
All you can chew,
yes, even more than you can chew.

It’s the alpha and the omega,
It’s the shout of the inner man – “I found it, it’s here, it’s for me and it’s for you!”
The utter peace of a still, exotic, warm, beckoning jungle pool, with all the mystery of what’s beyond the trees and yet all the soothing touch of the milky water.

It’s the joy of a traveler looking unto a mountain, knowing even with the clouds covering the tops, he knows he’ll get there eventually, he just needs keep climbing.
And oh, what a climb!
Breathtaking views, appalling cliffs but all in the safety of one who can fly.
And as the road becomes narrow, the traveler looks up and gives thanks for the greatness of what was, what is and what will be – the great Present.


On the Bible.

Photo by Jack Delano.

Photo by Jack Delano.

On the Bible.

People have found salvation through that book. People’s lives have been changed dramatically for the positive through that book. At the same time we see people fighting over that book. Wars fought over that book.

What is divided? Is it words that incite? Or is it souls that ignite the flare of their own condition with whatever they have at hand?

For a shovel can be used to planting a tree, or a killing spree, a shovel can build a house or bury a man.

Thus man brings forth from the chambers of his heart the light that is in him. Let that light be light and not darkness, and let all know the healing Love of the Heavenly Father, which turns all darkness to light.

Sing! A New Song

Sing a new song
I will make the clouds as a runway
to new spaces, new faces
Smiles that you have never seen
Shades of meaning you never touched
Love you never felt before

I can do it
You can do it
We can do it
Just do it.

Dear child,
Do not be afraid
Do not fret
Do not run away
Be in peace
Be with me
You are an inspiration
Inside you mighty works of art
Activated through love

You are a mountain
waiting to be climbed
by loving thoughts

You are a river
Flowing through the rocks
Washing the river banks
Each drop a reminder of the great sea of mercy and love reserved for you.

Photo by Anirban c8.

Clean brains

Photo by N. Oberg

I was at the subway station the other day sitting with my eyes closed, waiting for the train to take me home. I then heard a person speaking to me, telling me I look like a believer. A  little surprised at this interruption of my moment of repose, I opened my eyes and faced the person. I could tell she was a little inebriated, just enough to to render her unable to resist the urge to speak to strangers.

We then talked and she let unfold her conceptions of life. She was a doubter and wondered how anyone could possibly be a believer and that believers are brainwashed.

Brainwashed? Now I think there’s nothing wrong with having clean brains…

Well, despite my new acquaintance’s stark bias, our short conversation did launch me into some introspection. It made me ponder what the foundation of my solid faith is. Ingredients of it are in my experiences, how I have seen countless answers to my and others’ prayers, even unable to recount all I’ve witnessed; how I have heard of a great many healings that have taken place in response to prayers and also seen quite many healings first hand and have even been instantly healed myself – a miraculous thing; how once I was overcome by great fear which had me throw myself on my knees and shout for help from the Father – and He instantly swept the fear away leaving nothing but calm tranquility in its trace; and most of all the many times I have prayed so deeply and in faith for the Father’s Divine Love to come into my heart and felt the Love come into my soul so strongly and with such intense delight as to wipe out all doubt in my mind as to the reality of the Father’s Love for me.

I notice now how most of my spiritual experiences are directly related to prayers uttered in faith, which has enabled a live relationship based on the actual spiritual intercommunication deep within me and the Heavenly Father, worded or more often wordless and silent. And the basis of this faith is not so much in reasoning, although I must say of course pondering and meditation has played an important role as well in my path.

Now I wonder how I could possibly relay the experience of this prayerful faith and receiving the Love of the Father and the consecutive Alive relationship with the Heavenly Father to someone whose foundation of thinking is extremely worldly, ignorant of afterlife, stuck in the secular “rational” mindset and not knowing of spiritual things? Well, I console myself in that those off course will of course be eventually guided back. Yet still I am in the now seeking for ways to relay this magnificent awe-inspiring experience of a relationship to people even if the brick wall of ignorance was there, because even brick walls cannot forever hold back the light that is seeking to enter through. The Love of the Father will always find a way.

Photo by uday.

God’s favorites

A few days ago I thought about an acquaintance of mine. I thought he had a nice personality, and this for some reason led me to think that God will probably want him to go to heaven, too, because he is such a fun fellow. Even that it would be nice to see him in heaven. But immediately after having thought that I was struck by the thought “God does not have favoritism. All people, all are his favorites — He has created them.” My viewpoint was all wrong and I was corrected right away: God Loves everybody regardless of how we view our fellow human beings.

“God does not have favoritism. All people, all are his favorites — He has created them.”

Photograph by Michael Reeve.

It seems utterly naive now that I should have thought such a thing, but it also gave me the chance to grow. Many things and challenges we encounter during our days are learning opportunities. Every day brings many new chances to grow.

The most important challenge is to grow spiritually. Growing in the Father’s Love seems to be a hard thing to get started, but when you do get a little bit of this great Love, it rolls along, gaining greater and greater importance in our lives and greater momentum, eventually I believe becoming the very epicenter of our existence — meaning for those who want to follow the path of eternally growing in a deep relationship with the Father. We have the potential to grow in quite extreme ways in the Heavenly Father’s great Love, we just need to yearn and ask for it, and with a little faith it will surely come, as the Love did and does for me.

I once wondered if there could be more to my relationship with God. I didn’t always feel a very deep connection, or I didn’t feel it at all. But today things are different. I feel a constant soothing, deep peace which has become a part of me. The peace has slowly grown in times of prayer when I’ve wonderfully felt it flow in me so many times, and now it is permanently inside my soul. I love how I can feel the fruits of the relationship that I have with the One who created me.

How did I come to feel my relationship with God? The way I have come to this place spiritually is simply having prayed for the Love of the Father to come into my soul and believed that it is waiting for me. The principle is amazingly simple – although I have to say it wasn’t easy or just one prayer, it was many, many times and still continuing, just like any other relationship one might have is a continual one. I am so glad that I have found it and asked for it many, many times. I believe the same is open for all who wish for it.

The joy that His Love has brought me feels so supreme. I am at awe at the things man can have when he only seeks !

Picture by Vicho36

Spiritual rambling

Photo by Lienhard Schulz

God wants to give so much, man has no idea.
There is always more to the yearning land.
God’s garden springs forth limitless fruit.
God’s rain is a soothing one, it heals all.
He will lift you up as you turn to Him.
His Love knows no limits.
He will never let you down.
He will always Love you despite what you think.
God knows you inside and out, and though not all your actions are pleasing to Him, yet you are pleasing to Him.

He has so much to give. You just need to ask and receive it.
His Love is the greatest thing to ask for and to receive.
It is the source of the most wonderful happiness, joy, laughter, peace, patience, humility, beauty, wisdom, power.
It starts out as the smallest thing and ends up being the greatest.
It brings eternal Life.
It is the ultimate aesthetic.
It is indescribable.
It is so good.
It can be yours.

Nothing short of miraculous! I have sought for THE truth for a few years now and am still seeking. I have found it is not a one-night trek. There’s always more when you find a little.

In my seeking I have learned that there is a God and that God is Love and that it is possible for me to be in a relationship with Him who created me, the Heavenly Father. I have found He has undescribable amounts of undescribable Love that He wants to share with everyone and has provided a way for man to experience this first hand. Talk about revelation!

The relationship is brought about by willing to receive the Love that the Heavenly Father has for us, and showing that will by deeply, humbly and earnestly asking Him for the Love. It’s not an overnight thing but something that starts small like a minuscule mustard seed and grows up to be HUGE.

So when I found out about this, I started praying from the bottom of my soul with all my energy and lo and behold, felt some sensations I hadn’t felt before and a wide smile on my face. I had prayed before but not really with this kind of intensity and determination. It’s possible!

I had sometimes felt that God was a bit distant and felt I was lacking the “tools” to get closer to Him or to verify the reality of heavenly things. But now I had the knowledge of the wonderful tool of fervent prayer and asking for the Love and I used it and used it and used it and… am still using it and the effects do build up. There is an increase of joy, happiness, fulfillment, peace, inspiration, … all the positive things. It’s like a purifying thing that works on the inside of me taking away all the filth and leaving a gleaning thing inside that’s reflected in what I do and how I am. It’s the beginnings of a new birth into a heavenly reality, which I can feel as a deep peace and joy in me. And I feel grateful to God for it.

Photo by सरोज कुमार ढकाल

I recently saw a documentary titled “the Secret Power of the Mind”. The paramount question to address was: “Is there life after death?” Usually the more religious tend to think life after death is a fact, while the less spiritually oriented deny it. But in the documentary one can hear both scientists and regular people alike who came to be convinced after researching and hearing a cloud of witnesses tell of their own near-death experiences. The subjects could describe events accurately, see, feel and hear even when their brain activity had ceased.

I had believed if before but I liked to hear witnesses reporting the fact – the human being continues existing even after death.

Upon death, the body of man is left lifeless and rots away. Meanwhile the mind and consciousness, the soul, the true core of man continues and lives on to experience the world beyond. This is the dual nature of man: flesh body and – more importantly – soul.

Death is just a transition, a new morning for man whose life goes on.

Before dawn

Photograph © Andrew Dunn, 21 June 2005.